What Is Data De-Duplication And How Can it Help Reduce Cloud Costs?

The term data de-duplication or dedupe which it is more popularly known as is a term to take off all the duplicate information from a set of data. While some business owners believe that using this technique is no way beneficial to the business, the truth is that de-duplication not only helps to get rid of duplicate content but it also spares up a lot of storage that was consumed in the form of unwanted data.

How Data De-Duplication Works

The process of data de-duplication is simple. There is software involved that takes of any redundant data that looks similar to another match on the system. These tools are smart tools and they recognize data based on the multiple entries taking out only content that is duplicated in the system and leaving alone the unique entries.

This is highly beneficial because it manages to take out a lot of load from the system and freeze up space that can be used for fresh and unique data instead. The best part about the process is that it is very convenient and transparent and it is easy for a business owner to identify the data that was a duplicate before it was deleted once and for all. There are levels of data de-duplication that you can use depending on the amount of data that you have and there are various filter levels that you can then apply to the data.

Who Needs Data De-Duplication

There are various Industries that require data de-duplication in order for the organization to function smoothly. The most common industry that requires data de-duplication is businesses that have multiple locations in various parts of the country or a city. The reason data de-duplication is important for these branches is because the last thing you want is all your branches to focus on the same entries wasting time over the same client. The best way to use this system in such conditions is to collate all the data in one principal location and filter it to ensure that none of the branches have data that is duplicated in any manner.

The data that is derived at the end process can then be divided and distributed accordingly to the various locations that it came from thereby ensuring that none of the records present in any of the locations are duplicated in anyway. This helps to enhance the performance of all the branches and ensures that the growth is much better and at an accelerated rate. It also gives employees the motivation to work harder because they know for a fact that nobody or no other branch will manage to target the same customer before them.

Data De-Duplication And The Cloud

Cloud computing has become extremely popular in recent years and most IT organizations and other businesses are using the services of cloud computing more than ever. There are various kinds of clouds available that businesses can use and the most cost effective of them is the public cloud. This cloud is where all vendors come and store information that is accessible via the internet. This is a cost effective way for them to use information stored together and can also backup various data entry that is saved here.

While the solution seems to be one of the best things that you can get involved with, data on the cloud is usually duplicated more than you can ever imagine. This is the reason every business needs de-duplication. The reason data de-duplication is very important on the cloud is because the last thing you want is for the same data to be stored over and over again and people using it for their benefit rather than for yours. While it is convenient for the vendor and business owner to connect on a cloud, it is also important for you to maintain transparency and the only way you can do that is when you clean the data and filter it of all duplicate entries.

Most of the time the data that is saved on the cloud could be up to 25% duplicated and the last thing you want is to take up that much of space on the cloud when you know that none of the data is of any benefit to you.

You will also end up spending a lot of money using the space on the cloud that is of no purpose whatsoever. This will not be beneficial to your businesses and you will end up spending thousands of dollars on large data sets that are completely duplicated and do not have any value to the business.

Data de-duplication is a simple and effective process that helps businesses get rid of unwanted entries that are taking up space and eating into the revenue of the business without benefiting it in anyway. While people believe that they can continue to purchase more space on the cloud what they don’t realize is they end up paying more money for space they don’t really need. Just as you would end up cleaning your closet at the end of summer, it makes more sense for you to clean your cloud and get rid of any duplicate content that is stored there and eating into the money without giving you any return.

There are various data de-duplication tools that are available depending on what purpose you are looking into. There are certain tools that are specifically designed to clean cloud data without having to export the entire data before it is clean. If you have cloud computing and you want to clean data but you don’t want to go through the process of re-downloading the entire data because it will consume a lot of time then using data de-duplication for cloud is something that you may want to consider doing. Before investing in any data de-duplication tool, it is highly recommended that you read reviews about them so that you know for a fact that the data de-duplication tools you plan on using are good and they will work well in your favor.

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