Top Seven Instagram Tips for Beginners

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Instagram is one social media platform that has constantly grown in popularity ever since its inception. With over 2.8 billion active users and over 500 million using the social media platform on a daily basis, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are targeting Instagram for potential customers.

Instagram presents the perfect platform for building brand awareness and improve the marketing strategy for any business.  And if yours target audience love visuals then you must not ignore the 80 million updates every day that Instagram brings to the table.

But the danger is that as more and more businesses are posting enhanced number of contents, the competition has become cut-throat.  To control this, Instagram uses a new algorithm to show the users that posts which interest them.

Therefore, just relying on enhanced number of Instagram photos or improved posting frequency won’t help to get more real estate on your followers’ feeds. For that, you have to focus on the preferences of Instagram followers and use techniques to engage with them.

  • Create a Great Profile – The little snippet of instruction that you provide is the first thing that the users will see while landing on your profile page. That is why you must think about what to include within the profile. You just have 150 characters and you won’t be able to squeeze in all of the products and services within it. That is why you should highlight your best USP and draw the visitor for finding out more. You can also provide a clickable link for the user here as they won’t allow any links within the posts unless you have a paid advertisement campaign. Many people just share their homepage link and keep it as it is for an eternity. But you can change the links infinite times and so you must not be afraid to update it. You can mix it up by sharing the link of an event form, your testimonial page or product or service page according to relevance.
  • Post Contents that Invoke Emotions – The posts that evoke emotions offer better engagement and memory retainment than the normal posts. So use the images that consist of lots of interesting colours and evoke the emotions like love, humour, nostalgia, cuteness, motivation and so on. In this case, try to stick to the optimistic emotions rather than the negative ones like biases and hatred.
  • Take Advantage of Cross Promotions – When starting off with Instagram, it can be difficult to build up a following and get the people engaged with posts. Nevertheless, there is a way that can help you engage the people who already know your brand and love it over other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook by bringing to their notice the fact that you are on Instagram, too. It is possible that a large number of followers on the other platforms also have an account in Instagram, but they did not know that you are now on this platform, as well. Let them know and see how your Instagram followers count steadily rise.
  • Engage with the Followers – At the end of the day, you are using the Instagram platform to get more followers. People always like to be engaged and communicated with. So ask them questions, gather comments and try to comment on each comment personally. If they like your post, you should thank them.
  • Be Original – There are a number of legal reasons why you should not post the stolen or unoriginal photos on the feed. If you are not open and transparent, it is difficult for anyone to trust your brand. Your photos should be able to put forth your brand’s message in an absolutely genuine manner. And posting the original contents will help you to gain your audience’s trust and make them fall for your brand.
  • Don’t Overwhelm Your Followers – When starting a new social media profile, it can be very tempting to enhance your number of posts. But your audience can get overwhelmed because of that and this can even lead to some of the feared unfollows. You should experiment in the beginning with about 2 posts per day at different timings and see how your audience react to that. This will give you a fair idea about when most followers are using Instagram. Moreover, you can also introduce a couple of more posts on particularly active days.
  • Research on the Ongoing Trends and Use Hashtags – You can research the recent trends by using the spy glass at the bottom of the Instagram app screen. All the trending content can be found and you can like, comment and follow the trendsetters through this feature. You can figure out the latest trends this way and replicate them through the posts. Hashtags are actually keywords that are used for finding specific topic on Instagram. Use relevant tags with your post instead of using all popular ones as the later will repel audience rather than attracting them.

The above are some of the Instagram Tips for Beginners that you should keep in mind as suggested by the social media marketing experts so that you can make the most of what this Instagram has to offer and benefit your business.

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