The Best Windows 8.1 Features

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Windows 8.1 refines the mix, the base becomes more modern and the user interface far less bumpy than before. You do not like the live tiles? Windows 8.1 has some considerable tidbits for desktop lovers.

1. A Better Desktop

The majority of computers still do not have touch screens that take advantage of the modern tile interface. That is something that Microsoft seemed to have forgotten when they released Windows 8, but luckily the Windows 8.1 shows a lot of improvements for desktop users. Windows 8.1 allows you to start the desktop without having to struggle with the tile interface.

After a bit of getting used to it, you will not have a hard time removing the modern user interface from your PC. Windows 8.1 reintroduces a direct start to the desktop, and if you connect that with the ability to reinsert the launch button to get into the Start menu and Program Chooser, you’ll seldom, or maybe never, see a live tile again. While a number of users may be disappointed with this, this is something that is sure to please about 85% of the users out there.

2. Fault-Free Appearance

One of the biggest criticisms of Windows 8 was the incoherent nature of how the desktop and the new interface work together. The operating system seems eager to rudely throw the user from one extreme to the other. It was a very confusing and frustrating experience.

Windows 8.1 is changing that. Tiles are definitely still there, and occasionally you find yourself pushed from one interface to the other, but generally this is far less disturbing. With the redesigned start button, the ability to move the desktop background over the splash screen, and the more comprehensive settings, the Windows 8.1 settings give you the feeling of having more control over the UI. Now only a modern-looking Explorer is missing. If you are still not sure how much Windows 8.1 can help you, you can get the windows 8.1 activation keys from here and install the operating system today itself.

3. Versatile Application Splitting

Another big advantage of Windows 8.1 is the flexible splitting of the Screen, which allows you to open many new applications at once. With Windows 8, you could open only two applications at the same time. One would fill about 75 percent of the monitor while the other is limited to the last quarter. This limited the usefulness of the division function and made no sense in terms of comfort level.

Depending on your screen resolution, you can now split up to four applications on one monitor and dynamically resize the split windows. The ability to map two applications to each half of the screen significantly increases the productivity of Windows 8.1.

The redistribution changes may sound small, but the improvements in usability it brings are immense – especially combined with the ability to open the new version of Internet Explorer 11 in multiple windows simultaneously.

  1. Related Search Results

The search option of Windows 8 is very useful, but Windows 8.1 Smart Search far surpasses it. Instead of splitting search results into different applications, settings, and files, Windows 8.1 combines everything on a single search results page, along with results from other applications such as Skydrive, the Bing Search, and the Video and Music applications.

Smart Search brings together local files and files found on the internet search results, making the Windows 8.1 search incredibly versatile and very helpful. For example, if you’re looking for the “Queens of the Stone Age” band, you’ll see a picture of the band, some of the documents mentioning the group, a biography, the ability to use the music application to stream their songs, bing search results, and referrals for some applications which could give more information about the band.

  1. Hardware Requirements For Windows 8.1 Released

Windows 8.1 offers obvious innovations and also innumerable small functions. Windows 8.1 is full of all types of hidden functions. From miracast streaming to 3D printer support, photosynthesis names in the camera application, and plenty of new features in the redesigned PC settings. There is something new on every corner.

 A must-have for Windows users

Windows 8.1 will not placate your concerns if you do not like the basic structure of the Windows 8 experience. The live tiles and the modern user interface do not disappear easily. You will need to make sure that you tweak with the settings and work out the interface on your own. However once you do, you will be able to make your life very easy.

With Windows 8.1, Microsoft has proven that they are competitive and are ready to make changes as per the needs of the users. There are a number of users that have provided a lot of negative feedback to Microsoft after the release of Windows 8. Microsoft has made sure that it worked on the changes and did not allow the market share to be diluted because of a slightly faulty operating system. The changes and refinements of Windows 8.1 smooth some of the edges to make access easier for new users. If you’re already using Windows 8 anyway, there’s no reason not to upgrade to 8.1 once it’s officially available.

The changes on Windows 8.1 are certainly made keeping the users requirements in mind. There are a number of other bugs that have also been fixed and this is something that the other operating system competitors are not doing. Windows has taken the feedback very seriously and made sure that they are still the front runners as far as operating systems are concerned.

As mentioned above, there is no reason to doubt the Windows 8.1 release. Rolling back to the old version of Windows can be easy if you do not like the release. This makes the installation of Windows 8.1 that much more sensible. There is no reason to wait and see if you get accustomed to the Windows 8 version. If it hasn’t happened till now, it may never happen.

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