How do I put a YouTube video on Facebook?

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The best marketing strategy is through the sharing of online videos on various social media platforms. Over the years with the advancement in technology, people have started to invest a lot in creating videos and posting them online to gain popularity overnight. Because of billions of active users streaming hours of videos online, the social media platforms have started to earn billions in revenues annually.

Initially, Google’s second best platform YouTube was the sole king when it came to marketing a product through online videos. However, it can be seen that with the development of Facebook, there has been almost more than twice active users on Facebook daily as compared to YouTube. Therefore, all the social media influencers, bloggers and YouTubers who used upload videos on their respective YouTube channels has now also made it a point to upload those videos on Facebook for attaining fame and appreciation.

Now if you want to upload a YouTube video on Facebook, you first need to download it and then upload it on Facebook. In that way, your YouTube videos are not gaining the views which it deserves. The videos that you upload on Facebook, are gaining all the views which are not going to benefit you in any way. Also, there is a maximum time limit for which you can upload a video on Facebook (approximately 45 minutes or a file size of 1.75 GB) whereas, on YouTube, you can even upload an entire movie if you want. The videos’ quality on Facebook also gets diminished when you upload them from YouTube. To combat all of these issues, there is a trick which you can follow and boost views on your YouTube videos even after sharing them on Facebook. The trick is discussed below.

Upload your video first on the YouTube. As you upload your video, you will get a URL of your video on the address link. Copy that link of the video and paste it on any online platform which provides the service of a YouTube to Facebook converter. Once you paste the link on the page, wait for a minute or so. You will get a new link to the converted video which is compatible with Facebook’s guidelines. Paste that new link on your social media platform and ask people to share it. In that way, the quality of the video does not degrade at all and you also do not need to download the video and upload it again on Facebook separately.

Now as you upload the new video on Facebook, make sure you have a catchy thumbnail that will gain attention from the audience. You can process a thumbnail with the help of a YouTube to Facebook thumbnail generator which will capture an original image from your video and will be visible as a large icon. This thumbnail will be the true representative of your video and will give people an idea what your video is about before they click on it.

Whenever a Facebook user clicks on your video link, they will be automatically guided to your YouTube channel where they can view the entire video. This will foster your views on YouTube and will benefit your brand.


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