Monitoring Application for Windows Computer

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Are you an employer who is suspicious about employees’ activities on the web? At a minimum, they might be watching YouTube videos, updating their private social media accounts or gossiping with their co-workers. At worst, they might be stealing the confidential company data, causing data security breach, badmouthing about the company, harassing subordinates and discouraging clients. This article discusses how you can keep an eye on your employees’ performance, track their internet use and monitor everything else they do with their computers.

Today, more than 75 percent of American companies monitor their employees’ internet use. And the remaining organizations have internet policies to prevent workers from abusing the company internet. The most secure way to track computer use is to deploy cloud-based monitoring software, and TheOneSpy can be a fine option. It is relatively inexpensive and easy to install and handle software that lets you monitor and manage your workplace.

How to Monitor Windows Computer through Software

You need to install the monitoring application on the computer you want to monitor. After installation, the app accesses the data stored on the computer and uploads it to an online account. The end-user can access that online account from any device providing the username and password. All monitoring and controlling functions are performed through that account. Given are the features a monitoring app offers to track a computer running Windows OS.

Online and Offline Monitoring

The computer surveillance program lets the employers monitor both online and offline activities of employees on a monitored computer. They can know what a worker is doing in real-time; what he is seeing on the computer; what is he listening; what is he typing on a keyboard and clicking on a mouse. All this is possible with a simple monitoring app.

Monitor Websites and Apps

Majority of the employees uses company internet for their personal purpose. The monitoring app lets you know whether your employee is consuming the internet for productive or unproductive use. You can see the internet browsing history of each of your workers as well as a user-friendly statistics report showing the time, date and frequency of visiting each website. Also, you can track the use of computer programs to see what are the apps frequently being used in the workplace.

Block Websites

As well as monitoring you can control the internet use in the workplace. The monitoring app lets you block the unrequired and distracting websites that are disturbing the productivity level of employees. You can block the music and video streaming websites by entering the URL of that sites or putting keywords to block all the web pages containing those keywords.

On-demand Screenshots

Whatever appears on the screen of a windows computer can be captured to detect what the employees are doing their PCs in real time. You can send a command to the monitored PC to take screenshots to let you know whether your employee is busy playing Solitaire on the computer or doing the assigned task.

Track Emails

In most of the organizations emails are the main channel to communicate with clients and other parties. This is highly significant to monitor the inflow and outflow emails of the business to ensure that not any inappropriate or false information is conveyed to the customers. Email tracking also helps in controlling data breaches as the employer can read all the incoming and outgoing emails of the employees and see the email address of the sending/receiving parties.


Whatever your employees type on the keyboard of monitored windows computer can be tracked with the monitoring application. It accesses all the email addresses, username, passwords, messages and text applied to the system to let you closely watch out employees’ activities.

There are countless advantages of windows computer monitoring app but the employers are required to use the app for ethical monitoring.

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