King’s Ploy-The New Boom in the World of Chess Puzzle

It was not quite long ago that the leading game development studios of Indonesia have devised revolutionary games of consoles like Fallen Legion. Now, the same developers have come up with a series of Chess-based games for mobiles, as well. One of the latest games in the line, the King’s Ploy gives the right mixture of excitement and rewards. It is fit for players of different layers of proficiency, as well.

About The Game

The very advent of the concept of a Chess Puzzle makes the mechanics in the game to design it as per the movement of the pieces of Chess. Also, you have to consider the hierarchy of the power of the ‘pawns’ used in the game. For example, the King would be the strongest piece, to be followed by the Queen. Again, the Fortress (Rook), Elephant (Bishops) and the Horses would work to protect the Queen and the King. The hierarchy of the Horses, Fortress and the Elephants are equivalent. This means each of the pieces can ‘eat’ one another. Apart from the three pieces, there is Pion or Pawn. It can move just one space. it becomes very strong during that phase of the game when just a piece remains, and you would utilize it to eat the king and win. You can also use it to ‘disguise.’ This allows this piece to make use of the other parts that it ate. So it becomes more important to know about these terms in order to get started. Given the modern Internet is the gaming platform one could check it out more readily online.

Chess Puzzle

The Real Purpose

The true motive of each step of the King’s Ploy is to allow the King’s pieces to stand alone. You get the chance to move back each of the chess pieces. Of course, there is a scope of ”undoing’ any turn and restart the level. This helps you to plan out strategies for the successful completion of the game. The ‘skins’ that you get from the pieces are extremely important here. You can get free access to them. You can even pay them through Gacha. At King’s Ploy, the Gachas are quite forgiving. It allows the players to re-roll simply by watching the advertisements that come in midway. This means you get the opportunity to unlock every content in the game for free. What you need to do is to support the developers. You can make it by directly buying the ‘skins’ as a one-time investment.

What The Users Have To Say

Every day, many thousands of new players are joining the team of chess puzzle. There are very few games as that match the experience of playing it. As one of the players have mentioned, what Google did to me is an experience of a lifetime, and there is hardly a way to get over the games. They are, in all ways easy to pick up, yet hard to put it down. Last, but not the least, make sure that you fully employ the assets to make the most of your gaming experience. Have maximum fun.

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