Is it Illegal to Unlock your iPhone 6 Plus?

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Unlocking your iPhone 6 Plus is not illegal because you are the owner of the phone and you have all the right to configure it in the way you want to. However, the method you use in unlocking the iPhone matters a lot. You also need to find out the carrier from whom you are buying your iPhone 6 Plus. If you are buying it from a friend or from a seller, make sure the product is not illegally purchased or looted from anywhere. In that case, unlocking the device will be considered illegal.

Unlocking an Apple iPhone 6 Plus can be done in three ways. The first two methods are – IMEI unlocking and Hardware Unlocking. The third way of unlocking it through software unlocking is considered obsolete in current days. It was only available till iPhone 3. Post the launch of Apple iPhone 4, this form of unlocking is not supported in the handsets.

You can unlock iPhone 6 Plus by internally configuring it at the factory level. In this case, you do not tamper the main iOS, but you can configure it manually so that it does not hinder the normal functioning of the phone. You will no longer be attached to a specific service provider and will be able to switch to any other network provider. This was the main grievance of the consumers of Apple iPhone for which the unlocking methods were introduced. It will help you to remove the lock to the phone’s company without touching the phone’s operating system. Thus, through this method, you can avail all the warranty services as it is an official unlocking method unlike jailbreaking.

This internal configuration can be done by using the unlock codes for Apple 6 Plus. To find out the unlock codes or the IMEI number, you need to dial *#06# from your handset. The 15 digit number will give you an access to the master Apple database. The master database compiles all the IMEI of all the Apple handsets. As you hand over the IMEI number to a licensed expert, he will be able to find out all the relevant information regarding your handset. He will know when the product was manufactured, the internal memory size, and the colour of the product along with the network provider and the status of the phone whether it is locked or unlocked.

As the expert changes the status of the phone from locked to unlocked, your handset will be unlocked from the network provider and you can shift to any other provider you want. This is the legal method if unlocking and is completely safe and hassle-free. You can get it done within a period of 3 working days and the cost will not burn a hole in your pocket either.

The other method is dangerous and not at all suggested in unlocking iPhone 6 Plus. You can try to unlock it by configuring the hardware component of the phone. In this case, you may seek help from an ‘expert’. But if he is not enough skilful, be assured that your product will end up getting damaged. For such damage, Apple will cancel your warranty services as well as charge you a hefty amount.


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