Evolutions in the Blockchain Industry

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Blockchain Technology, introduced as a core component of Bitcoin in the year 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, is altering the methods of doing business and becoming popular among people by the minute.

The blockchain is a digital ledger that was invented to help a cryptocurrency function. However, it has certain traits, like decentralization along with immutability, that makes it capable to transform the facets of operational workflow as well as productivity.

The financial sector, cybersecurity, supply chain management & online music distribution are only some of the sectors that Blockchain Technology has begun to revolutionize.

An elevating demand for Blockchain Professionals

As there is a variety of ways to implement the Blockchain Technology that the market for professionals having Blockchain skills is huge nowadays. According to some studies, from 2012 to 2018, job postings mentioning a requirement for Blockchain professionals have increased by more than a hundred percent. Moreover, Blockchain skills are one of the most rapidly growing skills for the past five years.

So, what do you think is the reason for such a large demand for Blockchain professionals?

With Blockchain’s connection with cryptocurrencies, a large number of banks (such as Bank of America, Liberty Mutual, & Capital One) are associated with it too. Further, some of the hottest organizations (like Consensys Corporation) are ready to spend big bucks for producing Blockchain applications.

From well-established consulting companies like Deloitte & Accenture to technology organizations like SAP & IBM have a strong requirement for Blockchain & that is the reason for the world of business to take this technology seriously.

Now, if I talk about the supply of Blockchain professionals, there is a bit of a shortage in that area as yet. As per studies, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain are the three fields that are facing a major shortage of talent. And due to this scarcity of Blockchain professionals, organizations are ready to pay high salaries to professionals that are well-versed with this technology. So, if you work towards becoming a Blockchain specialist now, you can definitely make a fortune.

Which skills do you require to have for becoming a Business Blockchain Specialist?

Having the expertise of developing as well as maintaining Blockchain is quality that every Blockchain professional must possess. A deep knowledge of coding along with a massive understanding of Javascript & Python can take you a long way in the Blockchain industry. Earning a degree or certification in Blockchain can you help you in a big way in reaching places in your career. As organizations are eagerly looking for certified Blockchain developers.

How much salary do Blockchain Professionals get?

The wages in the Blockchain industry varies as per your position. If we go by what paysa.com says, a Blockchain professional earns somewhere between 63,000 US Dollars to 134,000 US Dollars per annum. Blockchain Engineers & Blockchain professionals in marketing receive an average salary of 114,000 US Dollars & 89,000 US Dollars respectively.

And if we go by the data on Indeed.com, In the Blockchain Industry, marketers earn around 63,000 US Dollars, while, senior management receives up to 155,000 US Dollars per annum.

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