Calling All Startups – Here’s How You Can Choose the Right Business Tool for Your Business

Okay, so you are going to start your venture or already running a small business?


Now’s the time to choose the right technology that will help your business grow and flourish while providing solutions to many challenges your business will face.

Since technology is comprised of a wide variety of options and solutions, the key is finding the right solution for your business needs. In the past few years, there have been fast and latest advancements in cloud services, artificial intelligence, data management, IT services and more that can create a huge impact on your business growth. Some solutions may appear to be a perfect fit for many businesses, on the other hand, they may not be a great option for others, it all depends on your specific business needs.

Therefore, it is important to figure out which technology or business tool will help your business to grow and meet your specific needs. Being an entrepreneur, obviously, you want to make the right choice that lets you focus on your core business functions, while the tool efficiently operates other business processes.

So, how do you come up with the perfect technology solution for your business, especially when there is a myriad of choices available in the market. Check out these important tips that will help you make the right decision for your business. 

Focus on Your Problems

If truth be told, technology tools are created to help businesses do what they do efficiently, better, and faster. They key to selecting the right technology is to clearly understand your pain points, figure out what you are already doing well and what processes need to be organized and systemized.

Determining your business’s biggest pain points is important to know on which areas you need improvement and what processes need the involvement of your team. Obviously, you want to know how your employees spend their time whole day. How much time they devote to one task, or project or other specific activities.

Make sure you are doing this to improve your overall business efficiency and growth – not scrutinizing or micromanaging individual employees’ time management. Check out are your employees spending an inordinate amount of time just taking a project update. This might indicate that your company needs a more efficiency collaboration tool for your employees.

TaskQue is the best task management tool that will help you track the progress of your every project and employee while improving the collaboration among teams.You can use it to streamline your business operations and improve team communication.

If slow internet and Wi-Fi speeds slow down your daily operations, then find a robust solution that can help you complete your all tasks without any hindrance.

Involve Your Team

Another amazing way to figure the pain points is to be more specific about what you are looking for. Technology is all about finding the ways to increase your productivity and get better results faster and with less effort.

Keeping that in mind, it is recommended to ask your team’s pain points. What are the most repetitive tasks which reduce their efficiency level and on which tasks they spend their time most? What systems they already know and what improvements they want in the organization?

Figure out are there any task dependencies? Do they have to wait on something to get their task done?

The purpose of asking these questions is to help your team to get things done more efficiently and faster. And being a boss, you want to put your team in the driver’s seat. Be specific about what you are asking as this will help your employees get the best solution of their pain points, which will ultimately improve your business growth. 

Check Your Financial Stability

As an entrepreneur, or a startup owner, you need to closely look at your financial model and your plan to make money. Every business owner wants business growth and larger customer base, but there is a huge difference between a business that needs to win over a large audience to make profits and the one that has only a few number of clients.

You need to be very specific while making a technology decision for the business. As some solutions are amazingly scalable, while some require additional resources to get the desired results. You need to find the business solution that is transparent, secure and something that perfectly fits your budget and doesn’t interrupt any area of your business.

 What Skills You Need to Develop

Perhaps some people are already well-acquainted with the solution you’ll be choosing for your business, while some need guidance. While you are deciding what technological tool to go with for your business, it is important to have a sound understanding of the level of impact it will create on your employees in adopting it. Make sure what skills your team already has and what skills or guidance, you will need to provide in order to implement the solution of your choice.

Perhaps the tool you chose for is the right decision for your business but requires a great investment of time and efforts in training and adoption to make it effective for your business. For this, you can hire a person with the skills you need to make explicit solution work and take on your business’s day to day responsibilities.

In addition, before you are going to incorporate any technology for your business, you need to make sure if it is cost-effective or has the ability to give you the result and growth you want to achieve.

 What Businesses Can Do to Make the Right Decision

Growing businesses, small businesses and startups have a lot of pressure to strive in this fierce business world. Therefore, it is important for nearly every business to use efficient tools that can solve their problems and help them get the job done with more accuracy.

  • Choosing the right tools means you have a clear understanding of your core objectives, pain points and a strategy for your business.
  • Ask your employees to find out what tasks are consuming most of their time.
  • Give your employees a freedom to give constructive criticism for the betterment of the organization and respect their feedback.
  • Think carefully how your technology solutions can help your organization to grow.
  • Being a business owner, you need to understand that with the advent of latest technology, there is a significant number of tools available and you need to stay aware of when and how to execute and manage it for your benefit. 

To Sum Things Up

Growing your business can be challenging, but with the right business tool or technology option, you can create a positive effect on your business operations. Technology not only helps you make money, improve your employee’s performance but it also helps you produce the desired results your customers want.

In fact, choosing the right tool can improve transparency, efficiency and team collaboration of your business. So, improve your company’s operation and turn your startup into global enterprise.

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