Big Data Career – The Smart Career Choice

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If you are planning a big data career and are confused whether you are making a right choice, then worry not and go full on for a career in big data. Big data is everywhere and is expected to become one of the important tool to gather information in the business house. This apart, data scientist and big data analyst are the two major roles that will become the most wanted careers in the coming decade.

Why and how you may ask? Here are the six reasons why you should go for career in big data and why data scientist and data analytics are the two most lucrative careers in the coming years.

  1. A career in big data will offer opportunities across numerous domain
  2. It will be used across various sectors
  3. There is a steady salary growth in big data industry
  4. There is a high demand for both data analytics and data scientist
  5. As a big data professional you are bound to have a better profile
  6. Business houses adopting big data majorly

Now that you know why you should have a career, let’s find out how you can go for the most lucrative roles in big data industry of big data analytics and big data scientist. Especially the data scientist.

Data Scientist Qualifications, Big Data Scientist Certification And Your Career Growth

As a certified data scientist, you should have a multidisciplinary armory of skills. So compiling all the skills that you need to become a successful data scientist are as follows –

  1. You need to be able to write code to collect and clean the data.
  2. You should be able to run statistical analysis to understand whether it can be used to solve the problem at hand.
  3. You should be able to build predictive analysis models with the help of the data
  4. Last but definitely not the least you should be able to visualize your findings in an attractive and effective way.

These are the basic skills, which if you are planning a career in big data industry, you must possess. However, there are certain more skills that are technical and are a must-know if you want to become a data scientist.

These technical skills have further been divided into two parts – Analytics and Computer Science. Each of these further have more divisions that are again required to become a big data scientist. So what are these skills and qualifications that come under analytics and what comes under computer science. Let’s find it here.

Taking each skill separately let’s see what does Analytics include.  Analytics comprises of Education and the languages like SAS or R. Coming to the education qualifications you need to have a Master’s degree & PhD in mathematics and statistics (these are a must if you want to be a Data Scientist) these should be followed by master’s degree in computer science and engineering. You can also start as a data analyst with these qualifications and of course certifications in big data.

While SAS and R are the languages that are required for data scientist role, R is the most prevalent in the industry and so you need to be proficient in it to become a successful data scientist.

In computer science these are the skills you need to proficient with if you want to build your career in big data industry.

  • Python coding
  • Apache Hadoop
  • SQL Database/
  • Coding unstructured data

As a certified data scientist, you will have an advantage over your peers but upgrading your skills to stay updated.

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